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According to the newly released Economic Impact of the Timeshare Industry on the U.S. Economy, 2016 Edition, in total, the U.S. timeshare industry generated approximately $80 billion of economic output through industry operations, vacation expenditures and capital expenditures. Specifically within industry operations, resort operations’ direct output totalled $13.7 billion and indirect and induced output was $18.2 billion—resulting in a total contribution to U.S. economic output of $31.9 billion. The output multiplier (a measure of the relative size of total impact to the direct impact) is 2.33. In other words, each dollar of direct timeshare economic activity spurs $2.33 dollars of total U.S. economic output.



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LATAM Growth

Over the last decade, the region experienced a deep economic and social transformation, which lifted millions out of poverty and swelled the ranks of the middle class. Strong economic growth – driven by both domestic reforms and a favorable global economic environment – was responsible for this progress.


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